• “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”

    - Ghandi -

Vote with your wallet and change the world everyday !

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Join campaigns according to your humanistic, environmental or social convictions

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Scan bar codes while shopping to identify products that contradict your values and make mindful purchasing decisions

How does it work ?

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Share your purchasing decision with producers, the press, and/or social medias

One Election Ends, Another One Begins!

Let’s create together the greatest public influence platform led by the
world best personalities!



"Obovol Launches it’s Campus Campaign"

Who do you think tomorrow’s HR recruiters will look for?
Nice followers or leaders who impacts the consumption habits of their community?


The Call to Robert Reich for the Obovol HR Manifesto

Obovol launches the call to Mr Robert Reich to draft the HR Manifesto!



What else can you do ?

Help Sourcing Obovol Product Database

If a product is not identified on our product database, please help us improving it by adding the product's data and picture


Select Top NGOs

Select the most relevant NGOs and let’s invite them to use Obovol as an empowering tool for their campaigns


Select the Wise men and women

Who are the wise men and women of this world that can help us on make the best choices? Select influential personalities and let’s invite them to participate in Obovol!


Want to have fun ?

Get upper grades

Collect points by identifying products and sharing your actions to producers, the press, and your friends



Invite and sponsor friends on Obovol and you will earn points from their actions as well as from the actions of friends of your friends!