The Call to Robert Reich for the Obovol HR Manifesto

Obovol News - 04-11-2017

Here, at Obovol, we are dreaming of a Manifesto :

- That would be called the HR Manifesto
- That would be signed by all the students willing to
participate in the building of a more sustainable, ethical and fairer world
to show that they will not work for companies that do not respect
these basic principles
-That would be signed by the top companies HR directors to assert that :

o The Common Good is superior to stockholders interests,
o The HR Manifesto Basic Principles are fundamental values of their company,
o They ask their employees to stick to these values,
o The Obovol profile showing the values and the commitment ability of a candidate, would be relevant in an enrollment process,

We want to go even further and publicly congratulate the companies having signed the HR Manifesto and expose the ones having refused to do so. Thus we want to enable students to apply to companies that share their values.

Sounds pretty cool right?

We, at Obovol, are passionate about this project and we believe Mr Robert Reich has the skills, experience and values to help us draft this manifesto and make it relevant and beneficial for all parties : Companies, Students... and the world!

So here is our invitation to Mr Reich. Helps spread the world!