"Obovol Launches it’s Campus Campaign"

Press Review - 04-11-2017

“Obovol Launches its Campus Campaign”

Who do you think tomorrow’s HR recruiters will look for?
Nice followers or leaders who are able to impact the consumption habits of their community?

It is time for our generation to achieve what our parents failed to do...
create a society that cares about equality and sustainability rather than just money and profit.

Obovol believes in the strength of the youth and wants to develop a network of coordinators and members among the world's university student community.

On Obovol, a student can choose two kinds of commitment:

1. Campus coordinator (the number of campus coordinators is limited on each campus to 1 coordinator for 1,000 students).

The mission of a coordinator is:

-         To Communicate about the Obovol Campus program to each student association office,

-         To organize live campus recruiting session & conferences,

-         To develop the Obovol products database thanks to local retail shops,

-         To communicate to other campuses about the Obovol Campus Program,

-         To make the Obovol-points profile a key value for HR Directors,

For more information on the Obovol Campus coordinator Program contact Chloe Mikolajzack, our global coordinator: chloe@obovol.com


2. Obovol member.

The goal of an Obovol member student is:

-         To act according to the values he/she stands for,

-         To Collect a maximum of Obovol-points,

-         To use his/her Obovol Profile as an asset for his/her post university job search

Add to you CV your Obovol rank and show your capacity of commitment and your impact on your community!

Join your University team force and impact your direct community with local targets.

Obovol University Program is recruiting on your campus a team force to spread the Obovol project on the campus, in the local community and among others national campuses